Norfolk Southern Boylan Tower - Raleigh NC

In it's heyday the Raleigh NC Boylan Tower was a busy junction. It was located at 220 South Boylan Avenue. The old original Norfolk Southern Railway crossed the Southern Railway and Seaboard Air Line tracks. The Boylan Interlocking Tower controlled the passenger trains backing into the old Union Depot Station and the controlling operations in and out of the Southern Railway freight yard. Most operations were done here by Norfolk Southern; Seaboard had a small section at the stairs end of the Boylan Tower. The building was painted in NS standard structure light pale green with green trim. Due the changing of time and the railroad operations, the Boylan Tower no longer exists today.

East Coast Laser Kit: Boylan Tower (O-Scale)

Retail: $199.95
Price: $175.00
Assembled/Painted: $275.00
Demo w/Interior: $300.00

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Over a year of research and designing has gone into the development of this laser kit. This laser kit consists of basswood and some dark laser board parts (window frames, deck handrails). There may be a few extra parts included in different thickness. It has 1/16" Clapboard sides, engraved roof shingles and more. 13½" length X 7" wide, Boylan Instructions link: Instructions.pdf