Seaboard/D&S Freight Depot - Apex NC

The Seaboard Air Line and the Durham & Southern Freight Depot in Apex NC

East Coast Laser Kit: Apex Freight Depot, Size: 8" X 18½" (HO Scale)

Retail: $239.95
Price: $195.95
Assembled/Painted: $290.00

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The Apex NC Seaboard freight depot has been my biggest challenge to make and build. Made a few errors here and there that I had to correct also tried a few new things too. Forgot a few things and corrected others. Made a few parts that were not correct and added some correct parts. All this while building this painted demo. It has 1/16" Clapboard sides, engraved roof shingles and more. 18½" length X 8" wide
Apex Freight Depot Instructions link: Apex Freight Depot Instructions.pdf