Norfolk Southern Glenwood Yard Engine House

“2-Stall Glenwood Metal Engine House”

Smaller Two Locomotive HO Scale Version, 8"W X 12.5” X 5"H

This shorter version of the NS Glenwood engine house is (12.5" X 8"). The Glenwood Yard engine house was longer for 4 locomotives. This HO scale model would be for 2 locomotives. The model will have the 2 optional rear walls. One with windows and the drive thru opening. 2½" track center.
We also have just the Wood Framing Laser Kit includes Windows & Door, 2 End Vents (without Metal Roof/Siding) $125

East Coast Laser Kit: NS Engine House (HO Scale)

Price: $275.00
Assembled/Painted: $395.00

Framing Kit without
Metal Roof/Siding: $125

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Engine House Instructions link: NS Engine House